About us

For children and youths of diverse backgrounds in Mpererwe, Kampala, Uganda, Architects of Music is the most innovative and forward driving opportunity among all other local musically orientated organizations, because it empowers creativity, potential, strong teamwork and international exchange through combining local Ugandan and foreign Western music education at a high level.

The German teaching artists Victoria Romann and Regina Rothe, alumni of the "Hochschule für Musik Dresden" (Germany), and the Ugandan teaching artist Joseph Ocen (Crane Performers Uganda) laid foundations for Architects of Music in 2017. In January 2018, they started recorder classes with a small group of youth in Mpererwe, Kampala, Uganda. The vision: Equity - everyone should have access to musical education.

With their socially motivated music project, they create a safe learning environment where young people realize their potential and develop individual socio-emotional skills through the arts to become agents for positive social change.

A year later, in February 2019, a strong group of 20 young people regularly attend the weekly programs. Architects of Music has become part of their identity.

During an intensive training camp, the group recently developed an African/European production of "The Magic Flute", inspired by the original opera of W.A. Mozart.

Victoria Romann:
Master of Music Flute - University of Music Dresden (Germany)

Teaching Artistry, Cultural Agency, Organizational Management - The Global Leaders Program

„Music as the universal language of the world inspires and unites people  – why should we leave music behind when it enriches our lives no matter where we come from?"

Regina Rothe:
Dipl. Music / Dipl. Pedagogy
University of Music Dresden (Germany)

„Architects of Music became the project of my heart, because I believe that every child, no matter which background, has the right to thrive and develop beyond its own expectations through positive challenges, input and motivation. We want to create such a space for our members to grow and thrive beyond their limits .“

Our program director in Kampala:

Joseph Ocen, member of the Crane Performers Group Uganda, is our program director in Kampala. To fulfil the dream of the children and youth to learn musical instruments and being part of a group where they feel at home, we found a trustworthy and professional partner. Joseph is working with great determination to keep the program activities running continuously.

„Together, we want to give children and youth the opportunity to get a musical education and empower talented young thriving Ugandans on their way towards a better future. It is a great chance for all of us. I am so grateful that through Architects of Music we can unite two beautiful cultures from Africa and Europe.“