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Instruments, travel expenses, food supplies for holiday camps, transport within Kampala, music scores - without any financial means, the program is not able to run. Every donation makes a huge difference for us! Compared to Europe or North America, the living costs are quite low. That's why even a small amount can make a change for the program in Kampala. We ensure that the money you donate goes directly to the project. 

We are also looking for other donations like instruments, know-how and connections to other project, companies or institutions. 

Teaching artists who seek for international experience are most welcome to join us on sight in Kampala!


Don't hesitate to reach out to us for further information.

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Ideas, Connections, "Manpower", Know-How - You have unique skills to help our project to develop? Reach out to us:


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Musical Instruments

Some old musical instruments are waiting to be played again? Or you would like to make a donation of brand-new instruments to a group of motivated youth? That would help us a lot - please contact us: